Andrzej Zuzak

Senior iOS Developer at Miquido

Biographical note

Andrzej is a Senior iOS Engineer at Miquido. After years of developing applications for Android, he’s switched to his beloved iOS ecosystem - but he likes to be up-to-date with both of the platforms nevertheless. That helps him to apply some ideas that he likes in the green robot’s world to the universe of the half-eaten apple. When he’s not admiring the beauty of Swift, you can find him drawing or gaming (also planning on how to successfully become a game developer - after hours).

    SwiftUI – goodbye (forever), UIKit?

    4 October 2019 | 11:00 | Cookpad Room

    In the WWDC 2019 Apple has introduced SwiftUI – a declarative framework used to create user interfaces for all of the Apple platforms, and by doing so it’s blown our minds.

    In this session we’ll try to answer some simple questions: can UIKit be dumped already? Should we completely alter our perception of the programming UIs on iOS? Does this mean that all of our applications should be re-implemented?

    We’ll find the satisfiable answers – and learn the basics of SwiftUI – by the end of this talk.