Dmytro Khmelenko

Android Developer at Freeletics

Biographical note

Dmytro is a Senior Software Engineer at Freeletics with an eye for pragmatism. Keep the code clean, constantly improving it and mentoring other engineers are just some of his daily tasks. He loves open-source, hackathons and public speaking. In his free time, he swims and explores the practical applications of machine learning.

    Best of login experience

    4 October 2019 | 10:00 | Badoo Room

    Have you ever thought about how often you have implemented login features in an app? As a user have you ever thought about how often you log in to those apps? The answer might be “pretty often”. Sometimes it relates to security like in banking app, sometimes it’s to be able to provide you with personalized content such as learning materials.

    As software engineers, we want to provide an easy and simple for users to log into apps. For first time users of an app, entering login details is the most annoying thing according to various articles. The result of this is losing potential customers of an app. Thankfully, there are many different and easy ways to register and login nowadays. Google Sign-in, SmartLock or Autofill framework are only a few examples to achieve a better user experience. A few clicks – and voalá – you have a new user.

    In this talk, I want to share with you different ways to register and login to apps that result in less effort by the user. The topic will be interesting for engineers to discover how the quality of their products can be improved and learn how to achieve it on Android.