Donny Wals

iOS Engineer at Disney Streaming Services

Biographical note

Donny Wals is a developer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. At Disney Streaming Services he is a member of the SDK team where he works on some of the technology that powers several high-profile apps. Donny has a love for writing tests and neatly structured code. He wrote three books about iOS development and in his free time, he loves noodling on his guitar.

    A Practical Approach to Adopting TDD In the Workplace

    4 October 2019 | 10:00 | Cookpad Room

    Many developers know that they should be writing tests for their apps. However, it’s often hard to know how to get started or to convince your manager that you should be spending half of your time writing and maintaining test code. In this talk, you will learn how you can integrate testing into your day-to-day workflow and you’ll learn why a good test suite will not cost you a lot of time. Instead, it should end up saving you time. And as you know, the manager loves it when you manage to save time. You will understand how TDD works, how to integrate the important bits of TDD and how to build a high-quality test suite that is a pleasure to maintain. To round things out, you will also learn about Xcode 11’s new test plans feature and how you can use it to make your test suite even better!