Elisa Coluccia

Engineering Manager at Zendesk

Biographical note

Elisa is Engineering Manager at Zendesk, looking after the Mobile Apps teams & Shared Services in Dublin. With a background in Telecommunication Engineering, she worked in different companies and industries (i.e. Accenture, Smartbox Group). Her mission is to reveal the inner potential of engineers and team leads working around and with her, leveraging emotional intelligence and cognitive science. In her free time, among sport and travelling, she studies and plays with new technologies and coding languages.

    Information overload: how to survive in the Era of Push Notifications

    everything mobile
    3 October 2019 | 17:00 | Samsung Room

    As the Nobel prize Herbert Simon wrote, “a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention”. We are every day exposed to a massive amount of information that, especially now, reach us out in an increasing “pushy” way. Whether we are at work or in our home after dinner, we are constantly bombarded by notifications, emails, slack messages. To translate it in numbers, our mind can consume a maximum of 120 bit/sec and we are exposed to over 34 gigabytes of contents every day. With this presentation, we will talk about the importance of allocating our attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that takes it away. We will discuss strategies to recover the focus and taking control over the huge amount of information that we are exposed to. We will learn some techniques on how to leverage the overload of content for improving our ability of decision making.