Erik Hellmann

Software Engineer

Biographical note

Erik has been working on developing for smartphones for the last 10 years, and have more than 20 years of professional experience in software engineering. He's the author of two books on Andorid development, multiple blog posts, and can often be found at various conferences talking about advanced techincal topics to software engineering i general. Erik currently works as a freelancing consultant in Sweden and have previously worked at Sony Mobile and Spotify.

    Processing camera input on Android

    3 October 2019 |

    The Camera2 APIs have been available for developers since Lollipop. Despite this, a lot of libraries that uses the camera for scanning text, barcodes or QR codes uses the legacy Camera APIs.
    In this session we will learn how to use the more advanced Camera2 API for any kind of processing and computer vision. After this session, you’ll feel much more confident to implement the camera processing the way you wanted, without having to resort to heavy libraries that rely on the legacy APIs.