Fernando Cejas

Developer Advocate at IBM

Biographical note

Fernando Cejas is an IT professional focused on Scalability, Mobile platforms and Quantum Computing. He has worked for several companies in a wide variety of projects in J2ME, C-Sharp, Java, PHP, Ruby, Scala and Kotlin in different contexts: social networks, NFC/RFID hardware solutions, E-commerce, and music platforms. Active in open source and software development communities for more than 10 years, as a part of his present, he advocates developers by exploring new technologies, speaking at conferences and sharing knowledge.

    Discussion panel by Fernando Cejas

    4 October 2019 | 15:45 | Badoo Room

    Join us for the conference closing discussion panel with Lucinda Scharff, Piotr Ślasarew, Antoine van der Lee, Clifton Lin, and Fernando Cejas as a host.

    Congratulations! Legacy code GURU level unlocked!

    3 October 2019 | 12:15 | Badoo Room

    As Software Engineers we know that Legacy Code and Technical Debt are familiar concepts we have to live with in our day to day life.
    We are also aware that our software, in general terms, is terrible and that does not make it any especial.
    Codebase healthiness and maintenance are challenging, so in this quick journey we are going to walk together through a bunch of tips and techniques on how to effectively address this problem.