Gary Crawford

Digital transformation leader

Biographical note

Gary is fascinated with emerging technology and its impact on society. He works with enterprises looking to adopt internet-era practices, processes, technologies, culture and business models. He lives in Sweden with his wife and daughters Erin and Erika.

    Smuggling Whisky – and building agility – with Design Sprints

    everything mobile
    3 October 2019 | 15:00 | Samsung Room

    Join Arnold Rothstein, Al Capone and other notorious 1920’s mobsters as they explore how to use today’s technology to smuggle whisky with the help ​​of Design Sprints.
    Design sprints are known for helping answer critical business questions. But they can also be an effective tool for challenging traditional ways-of-working in our businesses that hamstring agility.
    In this lively and ​entertaining talk, you’ll discover how ​​​designs sprints can tear down organisational silos, de-risk experimentation and build shared understanding – ploughing the way to introduce other agility building practices.​