Jeroen Mols

Lead Android Developer at Philips Hue

Biographical note

Jeroen has a real passion to build things, which continuously challenges him to experiment and learn. In the process, he refocussed his master in Electrical engineering to become an Android developer. Starting off with highly technical prototypes for Wi-Fi connected products, he has built his own file-sharing platform (Wi-FileTransfer). Currently, he is an Android GDE and the lead Android developer at Philips Hue. One of a kind, never-been-done-before apps are what he enjoys most. So far Jeroen helped realize four huge connected products, various high profile apps, actively contributes to open source and loves interacting with the Android community. He is a passionate blogger and enjoys speaking at conferences.

    Successfully modularising your app

    3 October 2019 | 11:15 | Badoo Room

    Modularizing your app seems to be all the hype these days. But why should you actually care? What are the benefits for you and your team? How should a modularized app look like? And how do you start splitting your app?

    In this talk you will learn why modularization matters and how a modularized architecture looks like. We’ll study a real-life example project and investigate how modules are setup, organized and configuration is shared across modules. Finally you’ll learn how you can start modularizing your existing app and I’ll share what lessons we learned while doing so at Philips Hue.