Józef Kącki

Founder & Mentor at Leaders Island

Biographical note

The founder of Leaders Island obtained his management skills in the IT area, where, among others, he was the managing director of a listed company. He combines his work in a business with his role as a trainer, in which he shares his knowledge. As a marathon runner, he knows how to be persistent, and as a sailor, how to choose the appropriate direction. Creator and curator of the LiGHT conference – unique meeting for leaders. He runs the podcast "From the manager's workshop" in which I talk to experienced practitioners on management and leadership.

    If you are a leader, listen to what you have in common with the president

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    3 October 2019 | 10:15 | Samsung Room

    It doesn’t matter how many people you work daily. No matter what the nature of your work. Regardless of whether you work in a corporation or start-up. If you want to work effectively with your team, you must become president for a while. Only in this way will you avoid common managerial and leadership problems.