Kamil Borzym

Senior Software Engineer at Allegro

Biographical note

Kamil is an iOS software developer. He has been into mobile development long before iOS (can you remember Java ME?). Now he is working at Allegro - the biggest e-commerce company is his home country (Poland). Kamil is very curious about how things work internally, so he likes to decompile frameworks and apps. Currently, he is planning to decompile an engine of his mx5.


    3 October 2019 | 16:00 | Cookpad Room

    I will show that iOS/macOS apps can be easily decompiled using just a hexeditor. I will also show a MachObfuscator – a completely new approach to iOS/macOS app obfuscation. MachObfuscator is written in pure Swift and doesn’t require a source code – it modifies compiled executables directly.

    0xFEEDFACE is a magic number which can be found in the first four bytes of executables in Apple’s ecosystem. What comes afterwards? This is what I will talk about in my presentation. I will concentrate on Mach-O files (iOS, macOS, etc.), but a general idea is very similar for ELF and PE executables. Additionally, I will show you an entirely new approach to app obfuscation.