Katherine Cass

Release Manager at Salesforce

Biographical note

Katherine Cass has held several roles in Release Management, beginning as a Release Manager for the core Salesforce Platform. She is currently a member of the Einstein team, setting up the Build, Release & Deploy process for Salesforce’s recently released AI product, Einstein Platform. Katherine has been setting up & optimizing development, build and release processes to optimize for quality for 3+ years. In this time, she has also consulted & presented on Release Management best practices to both customers and the broader community. Katherine attended GHC for the first time in 2014 and accredits her career in technology to the inspiration GHC gave her to pursue it. She is passionate about making technology more accessible, volunteering with Hour of Code and the Vis Valley Middle School maker’s club in her free time in addition to mentoring Hackbright and YearUp program graduates.

    Release Management: Chaos to Clockwork

    everything mobile
    4 October 2019 | 14:45 | Samsung Room

    Perhaps your team’s product, or startup, has started hitting the heavy growth curve, and your current shoot-from-the-hip method of shipping change & managing production simply isn’t scaling. Or perhaps your product has been in existence for years, supporting large, long-tenured customers reluctant to change- but your engineers are drowning in antiquated process in desperate need of an overhaul.
    Either way, the process of deployment & quality of releases are “generally bad” for both customers and your engineering teams.
    How do you break “generally bad” down to actionable items your company can address to improve the deployment process measurably?
    By the end of this presentation, you’ll be armed with actionable goals that will change the quality of your product deployment process from patchwork to pristine.