Manuele Piastra

Software development coach at Babylon Health

Biographical note

I'm Manuele. I’m a software development coach. I help teams learn to deliver more effectively by growing together. I believe teams perform best when they are engaged and supported with clear goals, a culture of improvement and trust that they’ll get the job done. Over the last 15 years, I’ve engineered and deployed software solutions, managed products, projects, process, and people. I am certified in Scrum, Kanban and Large Scaled Scrum and I have driven organisational change in companies of different sizes and businesses.

    From Idea to happy customer, passing by the backlog and an engaged team

    everything mobile
    3 October 2019 | 16:00 | Samsung Room

    Have you ever find yourself in the situation where, even if you know how a team should work, you struggle to scale the methodology and put together all the different moving parts of an organisation?
    Building software in a modern organisation is complex. It’s easy to get lost in the valley of questions:

    * How do we make sure we’re building the right thing?
    * How do we go from ideas to backlog items?
    * How do we manage stakeholders and customer expectations when there is so much uncertainty?
    * How do we know if we’re improving?

    What I will share with you is not a silver bullet methodology that tries to solve everything, but my own experience, with its successes and learnings.