Mateusz Biliński

Head of Mobile Security at Niebezpiecznik

Biographical note

Mobile technologies junkie since the age of Zaurus SL-5500. Head of Mobile Security at Niebezpiecznik, with hands-on research, training and pentesting experience. One of the first people to gain CompTIA iOS Mobile App Security+ certificate. Took part in creating software for LTE base stations at Motorola and Nokia Siemens Networks. Mobility Manager at Lizard Mobile where he has the opportunity to touch solutions creation process at every step, starting at concepts and ending with deployment. Tinkering with AI for more than a decade, focusing on modern cutting-edge techniques applicability within multiple domains, especially cybersecurity, mobile and e-commerce.

    Hacking (with) mobile AI

    3 October 2019 | 16:00 | Badoo Room

    A practical introduction to the security pitfalls of current mobile machine learning solutions.

    Using currently well-known frameworks and samples to introduce speech recognition, computer vision or natural language processing solutions may lead to potential security risks within mobile applications.

    The goal is to inspire people to take machine learning solutions security into account both at development and testing level. Providing efficient guidance using real, modern tools and based on memorable examples that stick.

    The lecture does not focus on one particular framework or system, making the lessons learned abstract but having practical, take-home solutions.