Melissa Lang

Agile Coach at Alpha

Biographical note

In the various jobs (ethnomusicologist, cook, IT project manager, agile coach) that I have worked at over the past 20+ years, the main focus has been on strengthening teamwork and facilitating communication. As a dedicated agilist, I've filled my agile toolbox with a range of tools and experiences that I can tap into wherever I go. Currently, I am an agile coach at the Alpha moonshot factory in Barcelona.

    Meetings suck, but they don’t have to

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    4 October 2019 | 10:00 | Samsung Room

    How many times in the last month have you or someone on your team said “we have too many meetings” or “meetings suck?” In most workplace settings, meetings can either ruin productivity or increase it. In this talk, we will explore why meetings suck and ways to turn your meeting culture around so that they start delivering the value that’s intended.