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Biographical note

Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Swift Design Patterns, Server-Side Swift, Hacking with macOS, Hacking with watchOS, Hacking with tvOS, Swift Coding Challenges, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.)

    OMG Collection Views!

    3 October 2019 | 14:00 | Cookpad Room

    Collection views are a fundamental component of any iOS app, but they’ve never been fun to work with. As of iOS 13 collection views have been reimagined in such a way that you’ll never want to work the old way again, and even advanced layouts such as those seen in the App Store are now surprisingly easy to accomplish – all thanks to the new compositional layout system from Apple.

    In this session you’ll get a brief overview of how the new system works, then stacks of live coding examples that build real UI demonstrating all the key new features in practice.