Peter Steinberger

CEO & Founder at PSPDFKit

Biographical note

Peter founded and bootstrapped PSPDFKit in 2011, and has since expanded the company with the goal of providing the highest quality PDF framework for all platforms. While Peter is responsible for the day-to-day management of the team, he never misses the chance to go under PSPDFKit’s hood and get his hands dirty with writing and debugging code. Peter has worked with iOS since the inception of the iPhone, and is regularly invited to speak at conferences around the world. He also organizes Cocoaheads, a meetup for developers that work with Apple platforms. Prior to PSPDFKit, he worked as a Senior iOS Engineer at a startup in San Francisco and taught iOS and Mac development at his alma mater, the Vienna University of Technology.

    Shipping a Catalyst app: The good, the bad and the ugly

    4 October 2019 | 13:45 | Cookpad Room

    PSPDFKit ported PDF Viewer (, a project with over 2 MLOC and lots of UIKit code to the mac via Catalyst. Having played with “Marzipan” in 2018, the team was able to port their huge app in a relative short timeframe. Learn what you have to do after checking the [X] Mac checkbox, how far Catalyst can be pushed, how it interacts with AppKit, and how to work around the worst bugs. We’ll show real code, a selection of r̵a̵d̵a̵r̵ Feedback Assistant items, strategies to keep code branching low, and some design alterations that were necessary to make it feel more at home on the Mac.