Piotr Ślasarew

Senior Android Engineer at Babylon Health

Biographical note

Professional and ambitious dreamer with more than eight years of experience in designing and implementing advanced Android applications. Conference speaker, technical articles writer and GDG organizer. Lately focused on Kotlin language and building reusable components.

    Bottom Navigation Headache

    3 October 2019 | 10:15 | Badoo Room

    Most modern Android applications use a single Activity strategy as a core of architecture. Building such a solution can be really difficult in terms of clean and bulletproof navigation. What type of component should be used to represent individual screen? How to define eye-candy animations to provide the best look and feel for the user? Support for deep links? Saving states and sending data between screens? All of those things can give a huge headache, and that is why I would like to present my journey from navigation madness to navigation happiness. Live coding included!