Scott Alexander-Bown

Android Developer at Help Scout

Biographical note

Scott is an Android developer at Help Scout and Google Developer Expert who is passionate about mobile app security. In 2011, Scott founded and continues to co-run SWmobile meetup group based in Bristol/Bath (UK). Mobile professionals can meet and share knowledge at the monthly tech talk/social events. To relax and bug out from the screen Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and children, running, Mexican food, Belgian beer and science fiction.

    What’s ‘Q’ in Android Security

    4 October 2019 | 12:00 | Badoo Room

    With the first decade now in the rearview mirror, Google launches us into the next decade of Android with Q. Consistent with the last few releases, Google is focusing ever more on privacy, updatablity and platform hardening.

    Beyond the platform improvements, I’ll cover the breaking changes and what you’ll need to update to be compatible when running on, and/or targeting Q. This is particularly important if your app uses location, external storage or system alert windows.

    We’ll also cover 2 exciting new encryption libraries from Google AndroidX Security and Adiantum, as well as security best practices that align with Android Q.