Tsvetelina Lazarova

Head of Design at LimeChain

Biographical note

Tsvetelina is a multidisciplinary designer, focused on UX/UI and Digital Product design. Passionate about art from an early age, she centres her free time around Illustration and creating beautiful things that matter. Keen on leadership and innovation, Tsvetelina is currently building the foundation of the design team at LimeChain, while facing different UX challenges on a daily basis.

    Explain your design before hand-off

    4 October 2019 | 11:00 | Yelp Room

    Technological demands have forced designers to become multifaceted. Nowadays, it’s no longer acceptable to be talented at design aesthetics alone, so we’ve all heard about the term design-unicorns. There are no secrets around those mythical creatures, but communication is definitely key. After all, where is the gain in being extraordinary if you can’t communicate your ideas, processes and design decisions effectively?
    In this talk, Tsvetelina will share what is needed to be successful in product development workflow from a design perspective, while focusing on real-life examples of why design is communication.