Vadim Drobinin

Freelance iOS developer & public speaker

Biographical note

Vadim is an IT-consultant and mobile developer. He won the Apple WWDC Scholarship, used to teach Swift courses at VK University and organised the biggest Russian iOS meetup. Now he works in London, UK for a stealth company, owns the most secret bar in the city and travels the world as an editor-in-chief of a food magazine.

    Independent watchOS: principles and practices

    4 October 2019 | 12:00 | Cookpad Room

    For a very long time, Apple Watch was considered to be a device for either people dealing with too many notifications, or a smart remote for the Music app, or a health-centred tracker. Lack of UI components, a terrible way to compose animations, and a strong dependency on an iPhone being present didn’t help as well.

    However, with the most recent announcements from Apple, everything might finally change. In this talk I will walk you through the best practices and principles behind designing and developing offline-first and independent watchOS apps, as well as briefly touch a few ideas on Watch App Store search optimisation and basic approaches to reduce users’ pain when dealing with wearable devices.